A few days ago, I found some wild songbirds flew to my backyard, beautiful and lovely that I want to set a trap to have them raised by me. But I gave up after I thought it’s not good to deprive their freedom, and actually I don’t have good conditions to raise them like some bird cages, and bird seeds that costs me lots of money and time.

I thought I could offer them some food in the backyard to have them come to me often, that’s not a bad idea really. I bought a bird feeder and nailed it on a post in my backyard, when it’s time for the birds to search food nearby, I will fill some bird seeds into the feeder in advance that actually attract some songbirds often.

feed the wild birds

Next step, I am going to have some nesting materials to be placed on my backyard to have the birds make nest on my backyard, that will increase my fun greatly and at the same time I help the wild birds. Luckily I heard from that only placing nesting materials is not sure to make wild birds to settle down in your backyard unless you fix a wood box or a rattan bowl on a tree or a post in your backyard. Otherwise the birds will pick the nesting materials to make nest elsewhere.

Hope what I am doing will help the little lovely wild birds :  )



Before you place order on watches shop, you are suggested to pay attention to the below points:

1.What kind of watch do you want? Digital, quartz or mechanical movement? If you are confident in changing a battery by yourself for the watch, digital and quartz watches are good choices because these watches are usually cheap and running well showing exact time. If you don’t want to get in the trouble of opening the watch’s shell and replacing the battery, a mechanical watch is good for you, some mechanical watches are classic and noble to be one of your wearing decorations.

2.Know about the functions and quality of the watches that you are considering. For a multi-functional watch, you can buy a digital watch of Casio like the model of SGW100-1V that features compass and thermometer, also it’s high quality and water-resistant to 200 meters.

3. Choose the good brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Rado, these watches are noble and durable. If you don’t have a high budget, there are some other good brands like Seiko, Casio, Swatch, Timex, and Orient. Good brands usually mean good quality and guarantee.

4. A good place to buy your watch is also important. Some B2C websites show you the whole collections of each brand, and before these e-websites, you can go to some some websites that are telling you some best offers.

Finally, wish you buy your desire watch :  )


A flat tire may destroy a bike, so if your bike tire is found with punctures or cuts, you need to repair it as soon as possible. Actually fixing a puncture can be easy with a little strength and some common tools. Here are some steps to mend a flat bike tire.

repair flat bike tire

Spin the wheel slowly to check the outside of the tire carefully. If the puncture is a big hole or cut, you have to replace the tire. If it’s just a single small puncture causing by a nail, it’s very ok to mend it with a tire patch.

Put the bike upside down to make it stand on the seat and handlebar. Loose the plastic cap of tire valve and depress the valve stem to let go the remaining air out of the the tube.

Use tire levers or screw drivers pry the tire out of the rim. Insert one between the rim and the tire to lift up the tire from the rim, then insert the second tire lever and run it around the rim to remove the whole tire.

Get the tube out of the tire. Inflate the tube with a hand pump and put the infalted tube into water to see if there is any bubble going up from the punctures of the tube. If you don’t have water, you can use your hand or ear to go aroung the tube to feel or hear the are escaping from the the punctures.

Mark the location of the punctures you found by the above ways. Let go the air from the tube again.

Use a rasp or a piece of sand paper to file the puncturing area where you are going to install the tire patch.

Apply a thin and even layer of glue around the puncturing area and paste the patch onto the puncturing area. Press the patch firmly for a while to make sure it stuck firmly.

Slide the tube back into the tire with the valve stem is aligned with the hole in the rim. Push the tire back with your hands. Finally re-inflate the tire.


It should be very beneficial to train your kid to do running exercise. Nowaday many children are very fat, running often can help to prevent them becoming obese. And teaching your kid to run will not only exercise her/his body, but also cultivate her/his interest to take part in sporting activities. When you find your kid begin to enjoy running, the next step is to tech her/him to run faster, an urge to run faster will form your kid’s willpower to face competitions. Here are some tips on teaching your kid to run.

kid running

Buy a pair of comfortable sneakers special for kids, the sneakers shouldn’t be too loose and too tight, just make your kid feel comfortable. A pair of good shoes will make your kid not easily to sprain his ankles.

When your kid is too small, don’t ask her/him to run a long distance or sprint. The muscles used for running haven’t fully developed in children under five years old. The little kids may get hurt for lots of running exercises. When your kid is over 5 years old, you can set a program for you kid to run a little longer and fater every week than last week. It’s better to set a goal for your kid in each running exercise or each period, discuss with your kid about the goal, make a realistic goal by considering your kid’s level of fitness and athletic ability, so that the kid can achieve the goal and gain more confidences.

Always be together with your kid when running. This is not only to train and encourage your kid to keep practicing, but also to protect your kid from any unexpected accident.

Show your kid the correct running skills, train the proper arm and leg movements. Make your kid to run forward faster by moving their elbows in a straight line, parallel to the ground. Side-to-side motions should be corrected while running. Make sure your kid be aware that motion should be only in the forward direction while running.